Hua Tong
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Personal Information£º

Name: Hua Tong
Gender: male
Date of Birth: Dec, 1961
Place of Birth:Hubei Province
Major: Analytical Chemistry£¬Materials Chemistry
Contact me: Tel: 027£©68752439-8210,
Experiences£º 1984 - Present Instructor/Associate Professor/Professor
Wuhan University, Wuhan.

1999 - 2002 Ph.D. Department of Chemistry, Wuhan University
Major£ºAnalytical Chemistry

1995 - 1998 MS. Department of Physics, Wuhan University
Major£ºBiology Physics

Recent Foundation ( Partial )£º 1.Undertaking a National Natural Science Foundation of China item ¡°In Situ Study of Hierarchical Fabrication of Biomaterial and Bionic Assembly¡± (20271038 2003¡ª2005£©
2.Undertaking a National Natural Science Foundation of China item ¡°Study of the in situ reinforcement plus the the biological evaluation of the organic template modulated bioactive bone cement¡± (50472036 2005£©
3.Undertaking a National Natural Science Foundation of China item ¡°In situ and dynimic study of template inducing inorganic crystal in biology composite by QCM technique¡± (30570491 2006£­2008£©
4.Undertaking a National Defense item £¨2006£­2008£©
5.Undertaking a National Defense item £¨2007£­2009£©
6.Undertaking a Projects of Ministry of Ministry of Science and Technology (04SK5008 2005-2007£©

Social Activities£º
Selected Publications£º 1. Hua Tong, Jiming Hu, Wentai Ma, Guirong Zhong, Songnian Yao, Nianxing Cao, In Situ Analysis of the Organic Framework in the Prismatic Layer of Mollusc Shell Biomaterials 2002, 23(12):2593-2598
2. Hua Tong, Songnian Yao, Jiming Hu, Influence of Cholesterol on Molecular Ordered Assemble Systems of PC/Cholesterol and Crystal Type of CaCO3 , Chem. J. of Chinese University, 2001, 22:289-292
3. Hua Tong, Wentao Ma, Leilei Wang, Peng Wan, Jiming Hu, Nianxing Cao Control Over Crystal Phase, Shape ,Size and Aggregation of Calcium Carbonate via a L-aspartic acid inducing process . Biomaterials 2004£¨25£©3923¨C3929
4. Hua Tong, Peng Wan, Jiming Hu, Nianxing Cao Yolk spherocrystal: the structure, composition and liquid crystal template Journal of Structural Biology 2008£¬163£º1-9
5. Xuan Cai Hua Tong*,Xinyu Shen, Preparation and characterization of homogeneous chitosan-polylactic acid/hydroxyapatite nanocomposite for bone tissue engineering and evaluation of its mechanical properties. Acta biomaterialia 2009;5(7):2693-703
6. Zhi-Hong Zhu Hua Tong* YaoyaoRen Jiming Hu Meretrix lusoria - a natural biocomposite material: in situ analysis of hierarchical fabrication and micro-hardness Micron 2006(37) 35-40
7. Zhi-Hong Zhu Hua Tong* Jiming Hu Studies on Induction of L-aspartic Acid Modified Chitosan to Crystal Growth of the Calcium Phosphate in Supersaturated Calcification Solution by Quartz Crystal Microbalance Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2006£¨22£©291-297

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